BPL Cup Qualifying Round 29 August 2020

The second day of BPL Qualifying Rounds was played at Willetton on Saturday, 29 August.  It was a cold blistery morning but cleared up a bit in the afternoon.  Some great bowls were played by all players.

The finalists for the afternoon were Dave Bindley, Lance Pickersgill, Cameron Girvan, Mick Phillips, Dave Reynolds and Kaz Piotrowski.  The first set was a draw by both teams so it came down to the last set for a winner.  Both teams played their “Power Play” on the last end as it was 3 points to Mick Phillips’ side and 4 points for Cameron Girvan’s side.  Dave Bindley played a ripper and landed just near the jack which the other team tried to knock out but it managed to stay put, giving his team the extra point they needed to win the match.

Therefore the winning team was Mick Phillips, Kaz Piotrowski and Dave Bindley.

Well done to all the finalists, a great game to watch.